My Projects

AAVSO ResearchIn 2012 I began doing basic photometry and got connected with the AAVSO.  Using my telescopes and DSLR camera I've produced light curves for about half a dozen eclipsing binary stars.  In addition I have attended an AAVSO workshop in Boston to help write a manual on using DSLR cameras to do photometric research.

The graph of the left is the partial light curve I created for the Eclipsing Binary Star W Ursae Majoris, a contact binary star near the big dipper.  The curve shows the two stars orbiting around each other and can even tell us about the relative sizes of the stars.

Extra Solar Planet TransitsAfter successfully photographing and analyzing several transits of Eclipsing Binary stars I've started a much more difficult project; observing the transit of extrasolar planets.  I've discussed the topic with expert observer Bruce Gary and he referred me to a book he published on the topic which he has made available for free here. I've also made extensive use of the Exoplanet Ephemeris Database  to plan my observing sessions. My interest in Extra-solar planets has also lead me to get involved with '

Homemade Cloud ChamberRecently I've become interested in particle physics and have been searching for ways to link it to high school teaching.  In Alberta a significant portion of the Physics 30 program of studies involves particle physics so with the help of a local Radiologist and an Engineer we are attempting to build a working cloud chamber.  So far the results have been extremely promising.  Once we have a working prototype I'll provide more detailed information.