Student Science Projects

This is a list of projects or resources that I believe have educational value for junior or senior high schools students as well as undergraduate university students.   Click on the images to be taken to each of the sites.

If you have other suggests or have a success story related to Citizen Science please share it with me!


The Zooniverse is a collection of Citizen Science projects ranging from Galaxy classification to Cancer gene mapping to Climatology Studies.  Essentially each project is a form of crowd sourced Scientific Data Analysis. The site relies of close to a million volunteers who are interested in the various projects.  Once they have learnt about the particular project (all designed and run by professional scientists) they become participants in one of the most massive scientific research projects ever!


style="font-family: Times New Roman; color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">The American Association of Variable Star Observers contains tutorials that explain how anyone with a DSLR camera and a simple tripod can start making their own observations of variable stars.  The website also contains extensive information on what variable stars are, why they are scientifically interesting and details on many different techniques for observing and analysis.  In addition the AAVSO is made up of professional and amateur astronomers who are always willing to answer questions and help anyone interested in Astronomy.

Citizen Science

This is a Canadian Based site that provides a huge array of possible Citizen Science Projects from a diverse number of fields.  Not only are there opportunities to get involved in Citizen Science but there is also a vast amount of information about topics, research, and the scientific method.