Enabling Curiosity

At its heart science is about curiosity.  Asking the right questions is more important that any facts or proofs.  

Real science is about looking at the world and trying to find out how it works.  Its something everyone can and should be involved in!

Citizen Science


Whether amateur or professional, everyone can be involved in current, real life scientific research.   Every day thousands of ordinary people get involved in public participation in scientific research.  More than simply testing and retesting results that others have found, Citizen Science  is about mobilizing the masses to conduct  research with a lasting impact on a particular field. 

On this site you'll find a number of different ways to get involved in Citizen Science.  I've included projects that I am or have been actively involved in as well as other resources that may be helpful.  If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please send them to me!

Ian Doktor